• Are you a woman who is practicing law?

  • Do you find you can't figure out how to build the kind of practice you like because of billables or too much administrative work?
  • ​Are you unable to set boundaries between home and work?

​You are not alone! I worked as a non-profit lawyer for years for little pay pushing 80 hours/week. I loved my work, but was concerned I wouldn't make it to my 40th birthday because I didn't have time to nourish my relationships and myself. I wish I knew then what I know now: you don't have to be stuck in this cycle!

Becoming a member of your Tribe of Legal Warriors will:

  • Give you strategies for using billable hours in your favor;
  • ​Give you the tools to develop your business as well as practice law;
  • Plan your time so that you can do what you like about your job

The Tribe will do this with:

  • ​Alternating monthly Q&A and topic calls so that you can get guidance about handling these challenges;
  • Recorded calls so that you have them for your reference;
  • A Facebook group of your peers so that you can regularly contact me and rely on your peers for online support;
  • ​Accountability for achieving your goals;
  • A one-on-one 45 minute goal setting and planning session with me so YOU can take charge of your work life;
  • Reduced rate coaching with me.

Join the Tribe of Academic Warriors to change your personal and work life!

You can receive all of these benefits at the annual rate of $290 OR
You can receive all ​of these benefits at the monthly subscription rate of $25/month
We meet the first Wednesday of every month through May 2017


                           ​       or                             

Join the Tribe of Legal Warriors!

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