Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting

Coaching for Women in Law and Academia

Sanity in the Midst of Insane Industries

We all need help to figure out, pursue, and achieve our aligned personal and professional goals. If you are a woman in law or academia (anyone from Doctoral Candidates through Tenured Professors), I can provide support for you in many different ways.

I provide group coaching for writers and for women interested in moving aligned personal and professional goals with a small crew. Coaching sessions meet weekly and participants work with me in setting the agenda for the call. Click here and write Group Coaching in the subject line.

Tribes of Legal and Academic Warriors These groups run on an annual basis and provide ongoing regular support to people who work in these industries. We meet monthly and members participate on a call that alternates between topic calls and question and answer calls to move self-aligned personal and professional goals. Tribe members also receive a planning session, reduced rate coaching support, accountability, and a Facebook group to ensure additional contact and support. You can find the registration pages for both programs under the navigation tab. If you have additional questions, click here and write Tribe in the subject line

If you are in New York City, I host Meetups for Academic Writers and Adjunct Professors. This is a great way to get a sense of how I support academics who range from Doctoral Candidates to tenured professors and I would love it if you joined us! I also host a Meetup for lawyersClick here and write Meetup in the subject line.

I also provide individual coaching to those who want regular, individualized resource in setting and meeting aligned personal and professional goals.  Click here and write Individual Coaching in the subject line.