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Get a Life and Write:

12 Weeks to Sanely, Systematically Writing an Academic Journal Article

You wish you had unencumbered time so that you could write.

That would mean time to work on YOUR writing: YOUR journal article. YOUR book chapter. You’ve always

been waiting for this!

Make it happen NOW.

Don’t start working on your project with gusto, only to find yourself without something to show for it.

You want that to change this year. You need that to change this year. The near future requires that you:

  • Go on the job market;
  • Go up for tenure;
  • Get an academic promotion; or
  • Any number of other goals that require academic publication.

What would help?

  • A system to approaching your writing every time you sit down;
  • Accountability for your work by people who know what you’re going through;
  • More writing in less time; and
  • Writing without burning yourself out, depriving yourself of a social life, and hating yourself when all is said and done.

This twelve week writing program is for academics or alt-acs who want to finish an academic term with a piece of writing ready for peer review.

You will get:

  • A writing schedule that makes sense for you;
  • Community to hold you accountable for your work;
  • A built-in system to accomplish more in less time; and
  • Work ready to submit to a journal/publisher.

Are you ready to dig deep and launch your productive summer with this Beta program? Interested? Get more information by contacting me.